Alphas Everlasting

Alphas Everlasting


Some choices are worth the risk

When Emma Chambers finds herself falling for Alpha Tobias Parker, she can't help but feel a little unsure. Werewolves take mates seriously and as a human, she doesn’t know if she's ready for the challenge.

As their bond strengthens and love blooms between them, danger lurks nearby. An unknown creature is hunting human females, and now Emma and Tobias must protect their love and the pack.

Can their newfound bond withstand the test of time, or will they succumb to the dangers of the unknown?


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Some surprises change everything

Sebastian Grove was not planning to find his mate when he visits Grey Rock to investigate a mysterious creature. He wasn’t ready for a mate and doesn’t know if he even wants one.

When Gina Miller surprises her friend with a visit she was not expecting to find out werewolves exist. And apparently, she’s mated to one of them. Not that he wants her. But something out there does.

As they get closer they must face the dark forces lurking behind the attacks and the connection between them. Will their bond be enough to save them? Or will the unseen forces tear them apart forever?


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Some gifts are unearned.

Kylie Winters once expected to be Luna of her pack. Now all she wants is love. But meeting her fated mate is far from a fairy tale.

Marcus Taylor, soon to be Alpha of Silver Moon, knows what his family expects from him. It’s not Kylie. He must reject her, but he never thought the mate bond would be so powerful.

When an attack forces them to work together, he may discover her worth too late. Kylie has options, and Marcus may no longer be one of them. Is their bond enough to overcome the obstacles they face, or is rejection inevitable?


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Some spells last forever

Aiden Green needs a mate if he wants to keep his pack. Just as he resigns himself to a chosen bond, he encounters his fated mate. But the magnetic pull between them isn’t entirely of the Moon Goddess’s making.

Bethany Randall, a witch haunted by a spell gone wrong from her past, craves an acceptance she fears will be eternally elusive. As she and Aiden succumb to the power of their connection, the consequences of her spell threaten to unravel the fragile threads of love weaving between them.

Secrets revealed will test their tenuous bond, with no escape from the war that is coming between witches and werewolves. A war in which the two mates find themselves in the middle.


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